Kinesiotaping is an innovative technique that uses elastic tape placed on the skin to treat nerves, muscles and fascia. It is designed to be the same weight and elasticity of human skin.  It uses a hypoallergenic adhesive and can be worn for up to 5 days (even swimming or in the shower)! Unlike most athletic taping methods Kinesiotape isn’t applied to prevent or limit range of motion, it is worn to provide the body with consistent feedback of proper movement patterns and assisted in injury treatment and prevention.

Kinesiology tape has 3 broad categories of effects: neurological, structural and microcirculatory.

Neurologically the tape stimulates nerve receptors to decrease the perception of pain.

Structurally, the tape supports and encourages better posture and joint position. The tape also helps reduce stress on damaged muscles and prevents joint movement into harmful ranges of motion.

On a microcirculatory level, the tape improves superficial lymphatic flow which can reduce swelling and bruising.

Kinesiotaping combined with active rehabilitation can be used to treat a variety of acute and chronic conditions. Kinesiotape can be the missing link in injury rehabilitation and athletic performance because it stays on and works for days between appointments.